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Pr Campaign Essay

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IntroductionToyota Corporation is planning on establishing a new business unit in the automobile industry. Toyota is looking into the hybrid vehicles versus the standard gas vehicles. Toyota understands the need for vehicles however we are at the mercy of other countries to supply the United States with the amount of gasoline Americans consume. Therefore instead of looking at other ways of obtaining gasoline Toyota has redefined their vehicles to be dependent upon electricity.Executive SummaryBy focusing on Toyota's strengths, its existing and potential customers, and the underlying values its customers need, Toyota has forecast an increase in sales by more than 300,000 vehicles per year, and this is in the sale of hybrids alone. This will enable Toyota to improve the gross margin on sales, cash management, and working capital. Toyota's public relations and marketing plan will lead the way. It renews Toyota's vision and strategic focus: adding value to its target market segments, of young upper income, and professionals, also known as the Y generation. It also provides the step-by-step plan for improving Toyota's sales, gross margin, and profitability. Toyota is building its business on the assumption that the consumer market is interested in high tech, high performance, environmentally conscience, and fuel efficient cars. Consumers who are not up to date in the latest car technology need to find a quality car maker offering a reliable choice of hybrid cars, service, and support. Toyota seeks to fulfill these needs and become the leader in sales of hybrid automobile world wide.Toyota provides both hybrid automobiles and services to make them useful to the Y Generation. Toyota is especially focused on providing enough information to targeted consumers through a wide variety of media, including focused public relations, in order to make an informed choice. Ultimately convincing consumers, into choosing Toyota as their choice of preference for supplying high tech, high performance, and environmentally friendly cars.Public Relations IssuesToyota's date of establishment was in 1995; from then on Toyota has obtained name recognition with their vehicles (Toyota History). However Toyota has electrified the automotive history with the first high performance hybrid vehicle, which is turning heads. Our public relations department is going to have work ahead of them to convince consumers that hybrid vehicles are the way of the future. The hybrid vehicle concept has been around since November 23, 1905 (, which indicated an electric motor would augment a gasoline engine. However, the vehicle acceleration was from zero to the 25 miles per hour in just 10 seconds; sounds good for 1905, however technology has evolved since 1905 ( There were other types of hybrid vehicles that were developed but it wasn't until 1997 that Toyota's Prius went on sale in Japan (Toyota History). The Prius was the world's first volume production hybrid vehicle...

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