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Pr Campaign: Final Essay

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Executive SummaryThe purpose of the formation of the not-for-profit Custodial Child Support Group (CCSG) is to aid custodial parents in the collection of child support and educate their publics in the process. Is there a big demand for education of procedures to collect child support?"In the United States of America, 50% of all white children living in single parent households, who do not receive child support, live at or below poverty level" (Association for Children for Enforcement of Support [ACES], 2005, p. 4).The Department of Health and Human Services defines poverty levels eligible for state and federal assistance as follows:Table 1: HHS Poverty Levels in US (Source: AZ DES)In other words, a single parent raising two children could not make more than $15,670 to be eligible to receive certain state or federal benefits. Can anyone even imagine raising two children on $7.53 per hour? That is why CCSGs' second purpose is to raise public awareness to the magnitude of this problem. Public perception is very negative toward individuals receiving public assistance. Through our public awareness campaign, we will demonstrate that single parents not receiving child support have to turn to the government for mere sustenance. Thus, demonstrating our catch phrase, "When non-custodial parents fail to pay child support, taxpayers often do." The stance of CCSG is that taxpayers should re-direct their disgust or anger toward the parent failing to pay child support, rather than the custodial parent forced to receive government assistance.CCSG will collaborate with a multitude of corporations to provide the educational services needed to inform their publics. These corporate sponsors are vitally important to CCSG to offset our limited budget constraints. For example, a local printing company will furnish their paper, printing, and postage to distribute our educational newsletter to our CCSG members. Spokesperson Patty Kirkpatrick, news anchor at Channel 3 will provide public service segments on Channel 3 donated at no cost to CCSG. Spokesperson Raja Bell has committed to arrange for a half time ceremony at one of the Phoenix Suns home games, where the announcement of an annual CCSG college scholarship program will be announced, and the first recipient to be honored with a college scholarship fund. These public announcements offered to differing publics, will help raise awareness to the plight of custodial parents that do not receive court ordered child support.CCSG is aware of the daunting task of accomplishing their strategic goals. However, CCSG is committed to provide heightened public awareness for the children of America and the child support they so richly and legally deserve. Through our extensive market research, we will enable and persuade the responsibility be placed squarely where it should be, in the hands of the non-custodial parent ordered to pay child support, and not burden YOU the taxpayers of America!PR IssuesCustodial Child Support Group...

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