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Pr Campaign: Overview Paper

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"The need for good public relations in an increasingly competitive business environment should spur demand for public relations specialists in organizations of all sizes," (Seitel, 2004, pg. 2). Patton -Fuller Community Hospital's primary goal is to become a leader in healthcare in their local community. Patton-Fuller is committed to establishing a successful public relations campaign in order to fulfill the demand in the healthcare industry. In this paper, Team A will outline and discuss Patton-Fuller Community Hospital's public relations campaign. This will include the public relation issues, defined target audience, influences on the marketing function, implications of ethical issues, and an overview of proactive and reactive public relation. Finally, Patton -Fuller Community Hospital will implement a marketing research plan and seek to align the marketing and public relation strategies.PR Issues"Winning goodwill takes time and effort. Credibility can not be won overnight, nor can it be bought," (Seitel, 2004, pg. 15). Patton-Fuller Community Hospital's public relations team is growing concern over the organization's current public relations policies and future campaigns. The hospital is in need of a fresh approach to future PR campaigns. In order to do this, public relation policies and strategies will be evaluated to incorporate goodwill and crisis management approaches. A good corporate citizen incorporates principle social values along with customary business practices, operations, and policies. These basic values influence daily decision making across all aspects of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. Patton-Fuller will take into account the impact on all stakeholders, employees, patients, communities, suppliers, and the natural environment.Target AudienceIn a healthcare setting, the target audience would be quite vast. The overall goal is to improve upon, and create a more diverse and energetic nursing staff. Patients may form their first impressions of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital when checked in by the nursing staff. After reviewing employee files, applications, and evaluations, if any, the majority of the staff provides acceptable work. If a review of the hospital were, conduct acceptable would be average. While patients may go to the hospital, it may not be their first option, due to the average work that the staff does. The hospital has many new hires, which allow management to train the staff, to improve knowledge and energy. With exceptional evaluation, comes exceptional service.Providing exceptional service will help spread the word among the community. Instead of being necessary option, Patton-Fuller Community Hospital should aim to be the first choice. With the broad range of departments that are in a hospital, and just a small range of these departments are performing exceptional work. This limits the amount of satisfied patients to department specific categories such as the OBGYN and pediatrics departments. With a more...

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