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Pr Campaign: Strategy Paper

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The goal of virtually all public relations is to help an organization achieve its business or performance objectives. How does public relations do this? It begins by setting measurable objectives. Measurable objectives in public relations help facilitate and support business objectives, thus demonstrating that public relations activities support the business or performance goals. The foundation for effective program evaluation is setting objectives. Program evaluation is the process of measuring progress toward objectives. If the objectives are unclear, the evaluation will be weak. Further, the creation of objectives is critical to managing expectations for the program, especially where specific targets for outcomes are set (e.g., increase awareness by 20 percent).Blockbuster is looking to continue developing and implementing innovative operations that will set them apart from their competitors, such as Netflix, in the video-rental market. Currently, the marketing department has developed a new idea they would like to call, the Blockbuster Movie On-The-Go Dinner package. The idea is to alleviate the stress that many hard working adults face, when trying to balance work, family, and possibly school. Thus, whenever someone, such as working professionals, decide that their day is too hectic for their comfort, they can call the Blockbuster movie on-the-go team, to organize dinner and bring entertainment for the family, or for themselves.In general, process goals, such as "get publicity," "launch a product" or "create a brochure," make poor objectives. They do not relate to broader organizational goals and are not measurable in any specific, concrete, or truly meaningful manner. The reason to state measurable objectives is that if one does not, they are likely to suffer the following consequences: "Where the process of goal setting and evaluation seems to have become perfunctory or sporadic over time, there seems to have been the greatest downsizing in [corporate communications] staff and activity." (Barlow 1993, 8) Only one public relations person, a public affairs advisor for an oil company, said that his department has no written goals and objectives. He described a situation of great instability in which the business units of his organization are driving the goals of public affairs, while corporate public affairs are being downsized drastically. (Hon 1998, 118)The public relations team as composed three objectives: Increase awareness of Movie-On-The-Go, Building the brand's visibility among key sectors, and Check industry benchmarks. While Public Relations can not ensure sales, a sound publicity program can generate the awareness and possibly build the motivation necessary for sales to occur. So, "increase awareness" of Movie-On-The-Go within the next six months among working professionals between the ages of 28 and 50, with household incomes of $50,000 and up ensures that this objective can be specifically measured. This is just one of many...

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