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Public Relations Campaign Strategy Paper

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One of the most important aspects of tailoring a public relations campaign strategy to fit a particular company is obtaining knowledge about the business and its products or services. At the very least a PR firm should be cognizant of the businesses vision and values and short as well as long-term goals. In depth information on the companies organizational structure and work ethic as well as a "feel" for the corporate culture may also prove beneficial to a PR firm. The organization chosen for this paper is National Gypsum Company which happens to be the author's current employer. This was an easy choice given that the author can recommend strategies based on a working knowledge of the companies procedures and policies. A brief history of the company as well as a list of objectives for a new PR campaign to build media relations and generate publicity will be included in this paragraph. National Gypsum is a fully integrated building products manufacturer and one of the leading gypsum wallboard producers in the world. Placed end-to-end, the company's annual wallboard production would travel around the earth over 14 times. The company, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, has over 50 locations including, laboratories; mines and quarries; paper mills; wallboard, interior finishing products, and cement board plants and sales regions (2007). New NGC was formed in 1993 to focus on the core business of producing, marketing, and selling gypsum wallboard and interior finishing products. The company was taken private in 1995. The original National Gypsum was founded in 1925 by Melvin H. Baker, Joseph F. Haggerty, and Clarence E. Williams, who developed a process to make gypsum wallboard lighter and more flexible and cause the gypsum to adhere to the paper backing. Since becoming a private company, New NGC has invested over $1 billion in the business; that investment has included new plants, equipment, and technology, and has created the industry leader for service, quality, and innovation (2007). National Gypsum is proud of its history and the fact that the company is a very successful privately owned business. Being a privately owned company it does not have as much exposure to the public as some of its publicly traded competitors. The objectives for this new PR strategy are to increase the customer base's knowledge of the company and its products, increase sales to new customers through referrals from current customers, and to demonstrate to the potential customer base that National Gypsum Company values its customers and there complete satisfaction.Identifying PublicsA business's publics are the people who any public relation strategy would target for the implementation of a PR plan. National Gypsum typically sells its products to large building manufacturer suppliers such as The Home Depot, Lowes, and other large commercial distributors of building products. Therefore, these are the first entities that will be identified as targets for the new PR...

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