Pr Communications Process Analysis: Cox Communications

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Cox Communications has executed public relations strategies successfully over the past 44 years through extensive market research and promotional strategies. Cox communicates to a variety of publics ranging from internal employees, consumers, businesses, and government institutions. Cox promotes to consumers and businesses repetitively to promote the convenience of their products for residential and business consumers throughout the country.Advertisements and promotions for Cox Communications have found their way into our living rooms through television; into our cars and homes through radio broadcasting; into our commute with billboards on roadsides and company vehicles; into our computers for internet usage; printed advertisements into our mailboxes; onto our properties with flyers on our doors; and into our workplace with businesses who subscribe to several of their packages. Cox Communications broadcast their own channels specifically for purposes of educating or selling customers on the use of their latest technological advancements such as digital video recording; has established a competitive role in telephone communications for residential and business establishments, joined the role of provider for high-speed internet connections, and has effectively engaged millions of publics who rely on Cox Communications for multiple products used in our everyday living.Product EvolutionThe history of cable television originated initially in the 1940's by cable broadcasting distributors to bring television into communities which were unable to receive public television signals due to the long distances between the television stations and residential homes (FCC, 2000). By 1950, 14,000 residential homes in 70 communities of the U.S. had cable service (FCC, 2000). 48 years later, over 65 million customers subscribed to a cable television provider - cable television had expanded beyond America into several other countries in Europe, South America, Canada and more (FCC, 2000). Today, cable broadcasters have globally evolved into several technological branches beyond television, bringing communication of various forms and methods of transmittal into residential homes and business institutions.Cox Communications HistoryCox Communications started their broadcasting business in the cable television industry in 1962 (known then as Cox Broadcasting Corporation) and today maintains over "5.9 million residential and commercial customers" (COX, 2006). Research of cable broadcasting across the country led Cox into a monopoly strategy. From 1964 to 1978, Cox annually acquired other cable systems in other states, starting with east and west coast regions of the country, and eventually into central region states. Heavier marketing of products started in 1974 with the introduction of home shopping networks, enabling consumers to purchase products from the comfort of their living room. An interesting note, in 1975 the average monthly customer bill came to $6.47 (COX,...

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