Practical Investigation On Teminal Velocity Of A Sphere In Oil

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Physics CAT OneExtended Practical InvestigationReportStudent Number:PurposeThe Purpose of this investigation is to explore how the terminal velocity of a sphere falling through glycerol varies with the temperature of the glycerol and the size of the sphere.IntroductionIn the early stages of the project it was intended to investigate how the speed of a sphere falling through glycerol varies with the size of the sphere. However, after analysis it was decided that the investigation would be more callenging if a second variable was incorporated. There are many constants that could have been manipulated such as, amount of glycerol used, distacnce over which times were taken, distance sphere was allowed to fall before timing was taken and the temperature of the glycerol. After much consultation it was decided that the temperature of the glycerol should be varied. Once this had benn incorporated into the investigation some scientific concepts related to the viscosity of a liquid had to be attained. (Refer to article).In conducting the experiments an attempt was made to attain results that could, produce graphs that showed the terminal velocity of a sphere related to the temperature of the glycerol and the terminal velocity of a sphere related to its size.Apparatus used* 600 ml of glycerol (density 1.26/ml. Assay 98.0 - 101.0%)* Small ball bearings of radius: 3.175mm3.960mm5.000mm6.000mm7.000mm* 900 ml measuring cylinder* Stop watch* Thermometer* Some type of heating and cooling device to varie the temperature of the glycerol* TweezersVariables and ConstantsThe variables that have been used in this investigation are the size of the ball bearings and the temperature of the glycerol. The constants that have been used in this investigation are the amount of glycerol used, the size of the measuring cylinder, the intervals at which time were taken, the distance the sphere was allowed to drop before times were taken and the number of tests taken.MethodTo begin experimentation the distance over which the sphere accelerates to reach terminal velocity had to be determined. This was done by systematically varying the distance over which the sphere was allowed to fall then finding the point at which the spheres acceleration is zero. It was found that for the sphere to reach terminal velocity it had to be allowed to fall 6 - 7 centimeters before an accurate, constant reading could be taken. It was found that the distance needed for a sphere to reach terminal velocity is only slightly changed when the temperature of the glycerol is varied (+/- 0.2cm).To attain that the sphere had reached terminal velocity by varying the distance that the sphere fell before timing began, the distance was varied from 2cm to 10cm. Starting at 2cm the measuring cylinder was marked at 2cm intervals and times were taken for each interval. the times taken were analysed to determine if the rate of descent of the sphere was constant for each reading. To ensure that the sphere had reached...

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