Practical Report On The Disection Of A Sheep Heart.

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Heart Dissection Practical Report.IntroductionOn the of July 2002, a sheep's heart was examined by dissection. The heart is a muscle in all mammalian bodies that is used to pump blood and nutrients throughout the body.A sheep's heart was used in this prac because like the human heart it has four chambers and is similar in size. Two of these chambers are receiving chambers called the left and right atrium. The other two are pumping chambers called the right and left ventricle.The reliability of the cycle of blood through the body depends on the sequence of contractions from the atrium and the ventricle. When ever the atriums contract it is called the systolic phase. And when ever the ventricles contract, it is called the diastolic phase. These sequences ensure the blood flow through the heart. These occur one after the other to create a heart beat.The blood flow through the heart starts when the right atrium takes the blood that flows through the superior or inferior vena cava. The right atrium then fills with blood and the pressure of the blood causes the tricuspid valve to open. The blood then travels through into the right ventricle where it pusses the blood into the pulmonary arteries. After this the blood is pumped into the lungs where it is oxygenated, the oxygenated blood travels through the left ventricle then pushes the blood through the aorta, which provides the body with blood.AimsThe aims and goals of this procedure was to:1.Dissect and examine a mammalian heart2.Develop dissection skills3.An in-depth investigation into how the heart works.MaterialsMaterials used in this dissection were:1.Sheep's heart2.Scalpel3.Rubber gloves4.Dissection tray5.PaperProcedureThe first step in the dissection is to put on the rubber gloves before handling the raw hearts. Next was to place the sheep heart on the dissection tray. After that an...

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