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Practical Experiment Report Proving Lenz Law.

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Aim:To observe the generation of an electric current as a wire is cut by a magnetic field verifying Lenz's law.Materials:Solenoid (1 large of 500 turns, 1 small of 250 turns)GalvanometerWiresRectangular Bar MagnetsProcedure:The Solenoid, Galvanometer and wires were arranged in series to create a circuit. One end of the magnet was then thrusted in to an open end of the solenoid (B1), held still (B2), then removed (B3) and the magnitude and direction of the current produced was noted at each of these three stages. The end of the magnet was then noted to be North and it was thrusted into the solenoid and the direction current was noted, the polarity of the solenoid was then determined (B4). The number of magnets and number of turns in the solenoid were then varied and the results were recorded accordingly (C1, C2). The magnet was the held stationary inside the solenoid and the solenoid was spun around the magnet and results were recorded once again (C4).Data:B1) Negative current was produced therefore no readingB2) No currentB3) 7mAB4) Negative CurrentC1) 250 turn solenoid 500 turn solenoid1 magnet 7mA 11mA2 magnets 10mA 20mAC2) It appears that the number of coils in the solenoid is directly proportional to the current produced.C3) One magnet - Solenoid of 750 turns. Slow FastCurrent produced 6mA 15mAC4) No current.Analysis:From the fact that a current is only produced when the magnet inside the solenoid is moving (B1, B2, B3), it is apparent that there is a relationship between the movement of the magnetic field and the current induced. It also became...

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