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Practical Work Survey For Organism Identification In University Of Greenwich Medway, Kent

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I. Introduction

Plants play a vital role for life existed on Earth. There are many types of plant species, which can be, distinguish by leaf shape, size of flower and petals (Cope et al. 2012). Kent and Cooker (1992) stated that identification of plant through special characteristic and physiological structure that the taxonomic nomenclature has applied in botanical flora.
A quadrat surveys conducted surrounding the University of Greenwich at Medway, which focused to identify the plant in a grassland area and invertebrate. Grassland is relatively simple in soil structured in contrast with the complexity of woodland and more likely to have greater dispersed organic matter intensities than in forest soils (Curry, 1994). The objective of this study is to classify the plant characteristics, the vegetation types, and the dynamic environment for the plant. Furthermore, some of the characteristics of invertebrate populations and the causes of presence will addressed as well.

2. Methodology

Based on this observation, the researcher will establishes six quadrat (size approx. 50cm x 50cm) survey randomly (Figure 1) to determine sample surface vegetation areas and measure invertebrate occurrence. A camera used for taking pictures and survey conducted in the beginning of November in autumn seasons.

3. Organism Identification
3.1 Quadrat 1 and 2: In the centre of the lawn in front of Pembroke
According to the survey in this area has dominated with grass (Figure 1). In this quadrat, the researcher will identify plants, flower, and fungi. Curry (1994) stated that weather has an effect on the growth of grassland and soil properties.

Figure 1. Quadrat Survey (Left); Centre of the Grassland In front Of Pembroke Building (Right) (Photograph by Rika)

3.1.1 Result and Discussion Trapogon lamottei L.

Figure 2. Trapogon lamottei L., Family Compositae (Mavrodiev et al. 2005)
(Photograph by Rika)

According to Bremer (1994) stated that the genus Tragopogon L. dispersed across Europe and renowned as contaminants of crop and meadow seed (Qureshi et al. 2008). Tragopogon L has a life cycle once a year or occurring every two years with parallel-veined leaves and an involucre leaf in a line. Habitats growth from stony places to grassland, other vegetation land which eaten as food by grazing animals and arable land (Blanca and Guardia, 1997). Daisy Bellis perennis

Figure 3. Daisy Bellis perennis (Zangenehgheshlaghi et al. 2012).
(Photograph by Rika)

Bellis perennis be part of the Asteraceae family with perennial life cycle and somewhat herbaceous. Ecological conditions can influence vegetative and flowering features of this plant (Zangenehgheshlaghi et al. 2012). Daisy usually mentioned as "flatweeds" due to their resemblances; for example, vulnerable to loss leaves when older which resulting from naturally shedding or from insects, outer leaves will keep on growing although the plants will...

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