Practice Of Human Services Across Different Cultures And Populations

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In the Human Services profession there are several areas of interest ranging from mental health, human rights, and even criminal justice; to name a few. However, when it comes to the values and missions of several human services organizations, individual cultures and beliefs may play a major role in their formation and services provided. To reflect back on the history of the human services field, culture has not always the main focus of most services that were being provided. The focus was mainly placed more on simply helping those in need. But since then, times has changed and culture has now became the major influence on the practices within the human services field.
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With this being the case, shows that culture can be of an influence to the practices of this organization especially since there are so many people that look down on these individuals.
Now on the other hand, the practices of the Persad Center may differ from those of other organizations within the human services field. For example, there are some organization that may not be LGBTQ friendly or they may just have a completely different mission as it relates to helping others. Since family intervention is another area that is of an interest to me, the Aid to Inmate Mothers (AIM) is an organization whose culture and values are completely different from those of the Persad Center. The mission of AIM is to connect and strengthen the bond between an incarcerated mother and her children (About Us: Aid to Inmate Mothers, 2013).
Although the culture/population and the communities differs between the two organizations, the overall goal is to help and/or make a positive influence/impact in another person’s life. However, due to their differences the services provided through the organizations will be different. That is because the services that are provided...

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