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Practices And Techniques In Software Testing

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1. Introduction
The most essential and widely known field in the software engineering is software testing. Software testing detects all the defects and also eliminates them. It also serves as an important tool for the validation, certification and verification of the errors. The main two goals of software testing are increasing reliability and defection detection (Batra & Dr. Rishi, 2011). Researchers have been working and trying to invent new techniques to test software for years. Though there are several methods to test software, there is no certain technique to test all types of software defects. Presently, there is very limited information regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of ...view middle of the document...

There are various practices and techniques used in software testing. Software development teams may implement different testing techniques to ensure software quality is of the highest level. Several organisations have attempted to standardise the software testing industry by offering certifications in software testing. The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) offers certifications at different levels and is widely accepted globally in the software testing practitioner field. (ISTQB, 2014)
Even though best practices have been defined by organisations such as ISQTB and IEEE, some software companies in South Africa do not follow these guidelines or do not see value in software testing as found in the case study done by (Gruner & van Zyl, 2011). (Gruner & van Zyl, 2011) Further found at Company X, a small software company, less that 10 percent of time is spent on software testing activities. This resulted in the quality of the software developed by Company X being of a very poor quality resulting in their customers finding alternative software providers. This result was predicted by (Batra & Dr. Rishi, 2011) where they mention that If we fail to deliver a reliable, good and problem free software solution, we fail in our project and probably we may lose our client. Smaller software companies do not have the funds or resources to focus on testing (Cater-Steel, 2001). The situation faced by small Australian software companies is similar in South Africa (Gruner & van Zyl, 2011) however, there is not enough data on the test maturity of South African companies. This purpose of this study will be to assess the level of quality management in South African software companies
2.1. Problem Statement
Though there are several ways to control and evaluate software quality, software testing dominates all the methods because it is used as a primary way for the quality control and assurance in the industry. This testing process verifies and validates the application of software that meets the technical and business requirements. In addition, it also detects significant flaws according to the severity level in the program that requires to be corrected. Software testing has evolved through the years and is no longer considered an activity to only detect failures. It is also used to check qualities such as efficiency, reliability, maintainability, compatibility, portability, etc. It constitutes an important part of the software development lifecycle (Cater-Steel, 2001).
In spite of this, the effectiveness of the testing is lower than the expectation. The solution for this is to test the system comprehensively. In this context, (Wu, 2012) stated that testing may be used to show the existence of errors but not to present their absence. Therefore, the purpose of testing process is to detect the maximum number of possible defects and for this effective and proper testing techniques must be adopted. This is not an easy task because it depends on...

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