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Practicing Healthy Coping Skills Essay

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After three years of using drugs and alcohol to cure myself of anxiety, depression, anger, and stress, I lost the ability to savor life without using. I found myself in positions in which I could not contain my anger or went into a state of extreme depression. Today, I am in a drug and alcohol treatment center. Being here has taught me how to overcome problems without using drugs and alcohol, but by using safe coping skills. Safe coping skills are an exceptionally useful way of managing with anxiety, anger, depression, and stress. I employ safe coping skills by reading books, praying to my higher power, and by communicating positively with myself and others. By employing these methods you ...view middle of the document...

Always take advantage of a book sitting on the shelf, odds are you will learn something.
In addition, finding and having faith in a higher power is very important. While being in treatment I have learned that the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are both very spiritual. The steps insist on finding a higher power of your understanding and having faith in that higher power. By going to and participating in various amounts of AA and NA meetings, I have learned that we cannot govern our own lives. We have no control on everything happening around us, and we must rely on our higher power to guide us and give us the wisdom to overcome the difficulties we may face. Through praying daily and relying on my higher power to conduct my life the way He has planned, I have found that my life has become significantly better. I am a happier person knowing that I have God to trust. It may not seem like having a higher power is much of a coping skill, but when you are dealing with an onerous situation, it is gratifying to know you have a higher power to love you unconditionally and guide you in the proper direction.
Furthermore, communicating positively with yourself and your peers can also be a great way to lift your spirits. Just by thinking positively your perspective on life can change drastically. While being in treatment, I have found that my thoughts and actions have completely changed. When I first arrived, I was...

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