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Practicum Inquiry Essay

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Action Inquiry
Statement of the Problem
The state of Texas continues raising the standards to achieve, is for this that the Eagle Mountain elementary ISD has to become more rigorous with the goals to achieve every year. In L.A. Gililland Elementary School’s data from previous year has reflected a slightly increase in the scores, with the results of scoring above from the requirements in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science, but not reaching the maximum scores. With all this changes and the new requirements it is imperative that the school implement a plan where it will assist the students to obtain the academic skills to perform, where 85% of the students meet the maximum requirement from the district and consequently meeting the state standards in the next coming years.
Relation of the Problem to the Specialization
Collaborating in vertical teams is an issue that will help to increase student achievement in the content areas of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Science. The improvement plan will be a tool to increment the student academic growth in reading and mathematics is a key component of a school improvement plan and an important part of student growth. Our PLCs and Professional Developments already in place help with the collaboration in each grade level, but vertical teams will be an asset to create a more effective instruction in all core areas among all grade levels, and target the academic skills that will help to increase the student’s academic levels.
Background and Context for the Problem
The student’s achievement as reflected by the scores indexes in the past STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) have increasingly from previous year, but not perform as with the maximum scoring. Now that we have some new teachers that came new to the school, we wonder why not taking this opportunity to collaborate in a vertical way to rise the scores to meet the standards? Are all teachers collaborating in a way that the students feel successful and the teacher do not feel overwhelm? Is their collaboration utilizing the best practices?
Research Questions/Hypotheses
Questions: How could the schedule be modify for the teachers to collaborate more effective in vertical teams for all content areas?
- How often should teachers meet to discuss student’s data?
- What will be the regulations for best perform in the vertical teams?
- In which form will be the best tool for teachers to track the effectiveness of the vertical teams?
- How teachers will utilize data from the assessments to identify target goals?
- How can teacher use the data and target goals to drive their daily instruction?
- What training will be beneficial for teachers to perform effective vertical teams?
Hypothesis: 85% of students will meet standard in the four content areas by the EOY (End Of the Year) of 2014 in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Science as it is measure by the if the collaboration of the vertical teams takes in effect, the...

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