Prayer For Schools And A Better Tomorrow

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On June 25th, 2012 it marked the 50th year anniversary of the prayer ban in schools. The subject of which “Prayer in schools” is a very touchy subject. A lot of people have different opinions and different reactions concerning prayer in school, or bible usage in school. Such as other religions and different beliefs. It started with a man named Steven Engel, a Jewish man, who came together with other parents in 1958 to sue New York State over state-endorsed prayer that was being recited in school. The Supreme Court sided with Engel and the decision was issued on June 25th, 1962. A day that reminds various religious people how there is a rule that stops them from free-speech which is prayer in school. Public outrage was very quick and it was spread all around. A culture war was triggered that day and is still going on today After the decision was issued Engel was then harassed by various prank calls to even finding a cross burning in a park and even his children received harassment. Prayer in school debates have hardly ever been put to rest. After the removal of prayer was made in 1962 there were some schools that lost their population due to some or a lot of students going to private schools(example: Christian, Lutheran or Methodist) where they can actually pray or use a bible without being told it is wrong to do such a thing.
Some people may assume that not having school prayer can cause more disruptions in schools such as schoolhouse shootings (Pennsylvania schoolhouse shooting), school bombings (Bath School Bombing) , drugs in schools, school shootings (Sandy Hook Shooting), etc. Some may also think that not all school faculty have the right to tell you rather if you can pray in school or not. As long as it isn’t disturbing others or interfere the rights of others it shouldn’t be an issue. There is no set law stating that you cannot pray in school, as long as it doesn’t disrupt others from doing their work you can pray in class and before meals. Many different schools in different states have come together trying to change the mind of others. They have tried to change the rule, but needless to say the rule hasn’t been changed. Having prayer at a graduation, or before a school function such as a basketball...

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