Prayer With My Coach Essay

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The world around me grew quiet. I could hear the smooth rhythm of my heart beating. The sweet aroma of change was filling up the air around me. I could taste the future as I sat in wholesome silence. For once in my life, everything was peaceful. I had not one worry of what was going on in the world around me. I sat in harmony for six seconds, then, like a flash of lightning, it was gone.
I drove into the rock filled parking lot of the LHS Pound thirsty for a change. I walked into the front doors of the LHS Pound for yet another FCA meeting. The air was chilled, I could feel that the atmosphere was a little different than what it normally is. As I walked through the boys’ locker room, I smelt something that made my nose wrinkle with discuss. The locker room smelt like week old sweaty socks and a mucky baby’s diaper. I then realized that the football team had practice earlier that day. I continued through the locker room, holding my breath, when I finally reached the room where our meeting would take place. I opened the door of the meeting room and noticed that there were more people there than normal. I signed my name on the thirty-first line of the sign-in sheet and took a seat near my friend. My friend, Mae, and I started talking about who was giving the message for the night. She told me that it was her sister, Sue, who was giving the message. Sue and I used to be best friends, but somehow we split apart over the past couple of years. I knew that she was going through a lot with her parents getting a divorce, but I had no idea of the things that she spoke to us in her message.
Sue stood up out of her sear and got ready to recite her message. She looked as she always did on Thursday nights. Her dark hair was wrapped into a loose ponytail. She dressed in a tight polo shirt covered by an oversized hoodie, and she wore blue jeans that where slightly ripped at the bottom. She always seems to be full of energy and happiness, but I sensed something different about her. She wasn’t her normal chipper self. I looked into her eyes and saw sadness and sorrow. I couldn’t help but wonder why. She started talking and I was trying my best to listen to her so I could understand why she sounded so poignant. She was talking about her parents and how they would fight all of the time. They would yell at each other and she would just sit in her room, crying and hoping that things would get better. She then said something that made my heart drop, she said, “I had thoughts of suicide.” I could feel tears swelling up my eyes. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How could she have thoughts of suicide? How could I not have known that she was going through all of this terrible pain? I had chills going down my spine as all of these questions overflowed my thoughts. I then remembered the times that her and her sister called me late...

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