Praying To God In Private Vs. Attending Church

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Praying to God in Private vs. Attending Church

This is a very difficult question because there are many different
types of prayer, and certain methods may prove more effective for some
people than others. For example there is private prayer, meditation
(which can be done alone or with others), public worship or silent
prayer, sitting in a Church outside of Mass-time. Prayer is an
important part of every religion, and all Christian groups do have
services available. However, not everybody would put this before
private acts of worship.

For a Catholic, it is almost a rule to attend Mass on a Sunday morning
or Saturday evening. In fact, missing Mass without a 'good' reason -
such a reason being defined by the conscience of the individual - is
actually classed as a sin. In the Catholic religion, Mass is the
highest form of prayer.

However, there are more reasons than this for attending it. Going to
Mass is a way of following the Commandment 'keep the Sabbath day
holy', as well as obeying Jesus' instruction of 'do this in memory of
me'. For it is at Mass alone that a Catholic can truly remember their
Lord in the form of the Eucharist - re-living and becoming a part of
the ultimate sacrifice that he made for us.

A Catholic would say that Mass gives structure to their religion. It
involves setting aside time for God, even if it is just an hour a
week. People set aside time for eating, for sleeping, for seeing
friends - so why should God be any less important? By actively making
an effort to attend Mass, Catholics are showing that they understand
the importance of making a real commitment to their religion. It would
be so much easier to just sit at home and 'talk' to God over dinner,
and easier still to forget about him altogether.

Finally, Catholics believe that Mass is so important because of the
fact that it...

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