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Pre 1914 Prose Task, A Essay About 5 Victorian Stories And The Role Of Mystery In Them.

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Pre-1914 Prose TaskAll five Victorian writers use mystery in there story's, but the word mystery does not just mean one thing. The mystery in these story's are either a whodunit or a superstitious type of mystery. A whodunit is where the people in the story or the reader try and work out what the mystery is, and a superstitious mystery is where it can not be explained."Napoleon and The Spectre" by Charlotte Bronte is a traditional ghost story where Napoleon is woken by a ghost. It is a suppositious mystery as the reader does not know if the ghost actually exists. "The Red Room" by H.G Wells is also a superstitious mystery. It is a superstitious mystery because the reader does not know if the happenings in "The Red Room" are a result of paranoia, or of a supernatural cause."The Adventure of the Speckled Band" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is different to "Napoleon and The Spectre" and "The Red Room". As it is a whodunit story. It is a whodunit story because the lead character Sherlock Holmes, is trying to solve the mystery of if the woman was killed or died of natural causes.In the five stories there are two types of main characters. There's the victim of the mystery and there is the solver of the mystery. The victim is usually some one who is effected in a negative way by the mystery. Also many of the victims are outsiders and loners. The solver of the mystery is usually someone like Sherlock Holmes who solves the mystery.In "The Adventure of the Speckled Band", the main character is Sherlock Holmes. He is the solver of the mystery. He is presented as a man who has a great eye for detail. The reader can tell this because he notices that the lady travelled by dog cart when he says "The left arm of your jacket is splattered with mud." This makes him seem like he has a good eye for detail as it is a unusual thing to notice something so small.In "The Red Room" the old couple are put across as very mysterious by the way they are described and by the things they say. An example of the way they are described is when the old woman is said to be "sat staring hard into the fire, her pale eyes wide open." This makes the old woman sound very mysterious as it is not a normal thing to be staring hard into a fire and this makes her seem very strange. An example of them being described as mysterious is when the narrator comments on them being "grotesque custodians" and "their evident unfriendliness to me and to one another." This makes them seem like they know something that the narrator doesn't, and that they do not like his presence in the house. This makes them seem even more mysterious.The narrative structure used by the Victorian writers contributes to the way each of the stories are presented. In some of the stories they use first person narrative and in others they use third person narrative. I think that first person narrative presents mystery in a more effective way, as the narrator is actually in the story so they can put there's and other peoples feelings...

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