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During the 1800’s, Gabriel Prosser, a blacksmith from Richmond, Virginia devised a plan that would free him self and other from slavery. Prosser and a group of his followers would procure armor and weapons then try and take over the city, thus freeing them from slavery. Unfortunately before they could execute the plan, him and some of his followers were put to death, an event that would prove to be a catalyst to the uprising. Following their deaths and many more to come, Africans slaves then would attempt to flee from their plantation or masters and run for freedom. Slaves in the southern states flee to the North just to try and have the same opportunities as whites. This is because, ...view middle of the document...

Constant acts of disrespect to the society being displayed by the government, the one group that’s supposed to assist any citizen of the United States. Missouri even became a state, while around the same time, passing a law, which did not include free blacks, from the State in violation of a Congressional condition to its admission to the Union. Although not all slaves were literate, this does not mean they were blind to the fact that slavery is the normal life to live. Some slaves began cracking down and devising schemes that involve harming slave owners in order to send a message to them that they can’t control Africans. The Vesey Plan by Denmark Vesey was to have a violent slave uprising in South Carolina and also to put fear in the whites in South Carolina. The arrangement was soon found out about and Vesey and some of his followers were captured and put to death. Another important abolitionist was Nat Turner, who leads a slave revolution in Virginia, which lead to the lost of many slaves and eventually his capturing. New Jersey and Pennsylvania would also pass the personal liberty laws, which require a judicial hearing before an supposed renegade slave can be removed from the state. You may have heard about these issues through some of the African abolitionist that were literate. Abolitionist, Theodore Dwight Weld, a reverend, discusses slavery in his article called American Slavery As It Is. Weld is known for making his point clear and quoting slave owners' words and using these quotes in southern newspaper advertisements and articles William Lloyd Garrison who is famous for his newspaper called, The Liberator. Like The Liberator, many abolitionists were expressing how they...

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