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Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnosis: Son Preference Essay

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Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis: Son Preference
What if you were given the choice to pick the sex of your baby? Would you do it? This is a controversial question that goes through the mind of millions of people every day. Having the opportunity to choose the sex of their offspring is a chance that many parents people would be delight to have, however, the criticism for Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is an ongoing issue that has its roots on son preference. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis can be very helpful in some countries like China and India, but not as much in America due to different cultural and economic circumstances.
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This topic is a big issue on some Asian countries like China, where the sex imbalance for children up to the age of 14 is 124,773,577 males to 107,286,198 females (Field Listing :: Sex Ratio. 1). This gap may be attributed to the current One Child policy, where Chinese couples are only allow to have one child and in some cases they are allowed up to two children. Thus, traditional Chines families feel obligated to have a son, instead of a daughter because it will carry on the family name. Also, because they believe that once a daughter marries they belong to her husband and his family, on the other hand sons provide an economic support for the elders since, they tend to stay with their parents and help them when they are older (Chan 427). As a result, many parents are limited to one child and many of these Chinese couples tend to have boys and abort girls. Another example of the sex selection culture is India. However, in this country there’s no law that limits the number of children you can have, yet the gap between males and females is as big as the one in China; 187,236,677 males to165, 219,624 females (Field Listing :: Sex Ratio 1). The reasons for this country to have such a big gap between the two sexes might be the traditional dowry that families must pay to the family of the groom when their daughters are married. The Dowry is calculated based on the family’s income and most of the time is two-thirds of the households’ assets (Smith 1). In such cases having sons bring wealth into the families while having daughters’ means having an expensive liability. Consequently, under the table abortions, gender inequality and unforeseen consequences affect those two countries.
On the article “Birth without the Bother?” by Nicholas Kristof, the author says that “he would allow parents to use P.G.D to choose the sex of a child in the U.S., but that he would feel different in countries like China and India, where the son preference would create shortage of girls.” I disagree with his argument because the shortage of girls is a current issue that those countries have to deal with every day and he’s ignoring the different methods that parents are using to get rid of girls, which is affecting the imbalance of genders. The author fails to see that this type of technology would be very beneficial to those countries because it would prevent female genocide and sex selective abortions that kill thousands of girls every year. Allowing parents to use this type of technology would grant them the opportunity to choose the sex of their babies and this might increase the ratio of females. It would give them time to plan accordingly to the sex of their offspring; from saving money for the dowry to creating a savings account for their retirement. Nonetheless, preparing themselves for a future does not guarantee an increment of girls in that...

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