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Pre Mature Births In African American Women Caused By Racism

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III. Literature Review
Stress of Racism can cause Premature Births for Black Moms

Pre-Mature birth has been an uprising pandemic in the United States for women of color. Research suggests that pre-mature births amongst the African American community are prevalent because of race related stress during or before pregnancy. Stress of Racism can cause Premature Births for Black Moms was published by Janet Taylor on November 23, 2009. Taylor wrote this article from an academic perspective. She believes that fellow African American women should be aware of the impact that race related stress can have on the fetus.
Data Evaluation:
Statistics: More than 540,000 babies are born too early, African-American women at every socioeconomic level have higher rates of preterm birth and infant mortality, Educated African-American women have a pre-mature birth rate of 12 per 1000 births.
Taylor suggests that chronic racism over the lifetime of African-American women affects their birth outcomes. This research would be considered both qualitative and quantitative because the quality of life can affect the outcome of an individual’s birth.
I plan to use this research to argue that pre-mature birth in African American women does have a direct correlation to race related stress. I will use this article to inform young African American women on the affects of any type of stress during a pregnancy, but more specifically, race related stress.
Minority Women are at Greatest Risk for Having Premature Babies
Pre-mature birth rates in African-American women have had the interest of scientist for quite some time. These are several risk factors that contribute to pre-mature birth such as socioeconomic status, demographics and access to quality healthcare. However the greatest contributor is not access to quality goods and services but, the fact that pre-mature births have existed in African Americans throughout early history. Minority Women are at Greatest Risk for Having Premature Babies was published by Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway on February 18, 2011. Dr. Galloway wrote this article from an academic perspective to inform scholars those minority women especially African American women are at a higher risk of having pre-mature births. What is most unfortunate is that often times this issue is unavoidable.
Data Evaluation:
African American women carry the greatest risk, followed by Hispanics. here is a 16-18 percent risk of African American women delivering early as opposed to a 7 percent risk for Caucasian women. According to CDC, in 2007, one of every five infants born to non-Hispanic black mothers was born preterm, compared with one of every eight to nine births to Non-Hispanic and Hispanic women. In the same year, the preterm birth rate of non-Hispanic black infants was 59% higher than the rate for non-Hispanic white infants (11.5%) and 49% higher than the rate for Hispanic infants (12.3%). Health care and cost can range up to 26...

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