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Pre Modernism Themes Showcased In Literature Essay

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The traumatic events of World War 1 made many writers re-evaluate their views of society which then translated into their works. The themes used in works by writers like Sherwood Anderson, Robert Frost, and Ernest Hemingway reveal the extent of trauma the war had on the human psyche. Loss of communication, disillusioned characters, and personal alienation are a few of the major themes that are displayed in the writings of a lot of authors during this period. This essay will examine the use of the literary modernism themes mentioned above in Robert Frost’s “Home Burial,” Sherwood Anderson’s “Hands,” and Ernest Hemingway’s “The Killers.”
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Nick risks his own life in an attempt to save another’s, but when his courageous act produces no results he realizes that some things are not the way they seem. Anderson, being an ex-heavyweight prizefighter, should be the epitome of a hero. However, when Nick tells informs him of the killers’ presence, Anderson doesn’t make eye contact with Nick and seems to just accept his fate. This makes Nick disillusioned because it is not the way a tough hero should be reacting to this kind of news.
“Hands” by Sherwood Anderson shows the effects personal alienation has on the human psyche through the main character, Wing Biddlbaum. Having been falsely accused of fondling boys at the school he taught at, Wing moved to Winesburg, OH in hopes of starting a new life. 20 years after he had moved there he was still considered a stranger to the other residents of the small town because he kept himself secluded and only had one true friend, George Willard. Wing was embarrassed by his hands and what they had done even though he didn’t know what his hands actually had done. Wing had a problem controlling his restless hands while talking to others because he would end up caressing the other people, so he tried to keep them hidden unless George was around. Even though the residents of the town did not seem to mind his...

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