Pre Production Thriller Sequence Essay

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Pre-production Thriller Sequence

My opening sequence will be based on the horror genre, but more
specifically, on the thriller sub-genre. This sub-genre has many
standard conventions and I will examine these conventions along with
their effectiveness in influencing the audience.

Conventions are what make up genres and therefore, by using
appropriate conventions in a film, the audience is able to quickly
recognize the genre and therefore have a better understanding of the
plot and what the film is going to be like. More specifically, with
knowing the genre, the audience can also then expect to see some of
the iconography that is typical for the genre. This can help establish
the necessary mood for the film genre, which in the case of thrillers
is exciting, suspenseful, tense and full of anxiety and nerve-wracking
anticipation. Scenes in thrillers create suspense, tension, and a
sense of danger by having the setting in an isolated for example, or
by creating scenes where a lot is unseen and unknown to the audience
(whether this be the reason behind a situation occurring in the film,
or simply a character that is shadowy and that we do not know a lot

These icons are used to signify the elements of the thriller genre to
the audience. These include such topics as the dark side of life,
conspiracies, murders, twisted relationships, danger and suspense.
Since they carry symbolic/connotative meaning, colour coding adds to
the iconography of thrillers as well. The use of black and white for
example, represents or adds to the darkness and evil that is in the

I will start my opening sequence by slowly panning across an isolated
room. This creates tension already because the audience will feel
unsafe in this location, and also because the audience want to see the
characters and want to know what is going to be revealed at the end of
the panning. The film will have a sepia tone to it, to give a more
eerie and untrustworthy atmosphere to the scene. The sepia acts to add
suspense to the scene in the same way black and white would, and
therefore is basically just a substitute for black and white. Then in
my film, we will reach one solitary character in the scene; light from
a window hitting him in a harsh way so that his face is not clearly
visible. This adds some tension. It makes the audience ask "who is
this character?" and especially since we cannot see his face, "does
this mean he has a dark past?" Thrillers often use this technique of
keeping the personality of a character a mystery to the audience. It
gets the audience wondering whether the character is the protagonist
or antagonist, until finally it is revealed to them. Then, after this
I am going to zoom into an extreme close-up to portray the fury in the
character's eyes. All the techniques I am using, apart...

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