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Nazi Germany with Adolf Hitler at the helm was a major threat to the world when Hitler brought the country to prominence. Hitler transformed Germany from a depression-wracked country into a major military power. Externally, Hitler went on major conquests in order to bring Germany to power. Within Nazi Germany, he attempted to create a super race of people and wanted to do so by eliminating all inferior races starting with the Jews. In the midst of this action, the United States attempted to prevent any association with the ongoing war. However, as Hitler rose to power and Nazi Germany became an enormous threat to the globe, the United States repealed its Neutrality Acts and slowly shed its isolationist beliefs, thus entering World War II in order to preserve world order and protect its people.
It is the intention of this paper to explicate the United States’ entrance into World War II. In order to achieve current purposes, this essay will advance as follows: Section 1 will explain how Adolf Hitler defied the Treaty of Versailles and turned a depression-wracked country into a major military power, Part 2 will discuss Hitler’s strategies concerning the “Jewish problem” in Germany and his military conquests from 1936 to 1940 in his attempt to control Europe, Portion 3 will expound the provisions of the Neutrality Acts and how the United States gradually repealed the provisions as Hitler became a serious threat to the world, and finally, Section 4 will both explain the position of the United States regarding the rise and threat of the Nazi power and how the United States began to slowly shed its isolationist beliefs in the wake of Hitler’s power and will conclude this essay.
Primarily, when Adolf Hitler rose to power, he transformed the impoverished nation of Germany into a major military power. Hitler did so by running counter to the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles stated that Germany was to pay 6,600,000,000 pounds over a period of 66 years. Hitler violated the treaty by not paying reparations to the Allies and implementing the money he should have been paying back into the German economy. As well as this, Hitler transformed Germany into a militaristic nation focused on building war supplies. Further, the Treaty of Versailles stated that the Rhineland was to be demilitarized and occupied by Allied armies for 15 years. In opposition to this, Hitler went into the Rhineland and placed troops there. In addition, the Treaty of Versailles stated that Germany could not unite with Austria. Hitler did just the opposite and created a German super state that had a new strengthened economy and an intense military power. By violating the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler was able to bring Germany to power and cause upsurges that lead to World War II.
In supplement, Nazi Germany was anti-Semitic. Hitler often termed the Jewish population in Germany as the “Jewish problem” and attempted to do away with the Jews. His strategies in doing so involved...

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