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Networking, according to most people, is one of the most important parts of the professional world. As college students, we are often told that when we meet people in our field we are to continue to keep in contact with them in case by any chance they have an opportunity for us. Michael Sunnafrank, a communication theorist, encompasses this thought in his presentation of a theory called the predicted outcome value theory (POV). According to the text this theory “maintains the need to maximize positive outcomes [because it] is central to the process of developing relationships” (Enfante, Rancer & Avtgis, 2010, p. 257). The maximization of positivity begins in the initial experiences between ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand there is a concept within POV that suggests that if people do not see a positive outcome from the initial interaction they will engage in blocking. By this Sunnafrank means that in these cases “people will probably communicate in a way that blocks relational development” (Enfante, Rancer & Avtgis, 2010, p. 257).
While attending The University of Akron I have had the pleasure of meeting multiple individuals who are involved in a variety of departments throughout the campus. One of the most beneficial individuals I have met has been Chris Stimler, former Graduate Assistant of Spicer Residence Hall and now one of the recruiters for the Admissions Department. When I first encountered Chris Stimler, I thought that he was just some loud older student who lived in the residence hall on the same floor as me; however, upon talking to Chris I realized there was potential with this relationship.
Our first conversation I remember vividly. We were discussing the fact that I had a lot of shopping carts full of clothes. He was critiquing me on the fact that it was nearly half way through the first semester and I ‘hands down brought the most clothes.’ As the conversation continued I learned that Chris was basically a superior in the building and had been a former Resident Assistant. I was very interested in becoming a Resident Assistant and I knew that I would need recommendations for the application in the spring of 2013. Here is where I believe Sunnafrank’s predicted...

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