Predictive Profiling Is An Effective Tool For Combating Terrorism

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The need to defend nation from terrorist attacks is a daily struggle. We have improved our security in airports, public and government building, sporting events and venues were large crowds are present. We have put protective measures in our theaters, schools, and places of worship. It doesn’t seem to be enough to add security personnel, metal detectors and body scanners. Terrorists still find ways to get passed the toughest security measures in place and cause mass casualties and destruction worldwide.
Seidenstat argues that security is a relative thing and that no set of policies or measures can eliminate all terrorist acts (Seidenstat 2009 ,4). Terrorists will stop at nothing to foil our defenses. They are very patient and creative in planning their attacks. Terrorists will continue to invent ways to defeat our security measures while we are busy with our lives and forgetting about the last attack. Sometimes they don’t need to do nothing but wait for us to let our guard down so they can easily slip passed security measures.
It was the rash of airline hijackings in the 60s-70s that inspired the use of metal detectors at the airport to prevent passengers from bringing onboard any weapons they may use to hijack the plane. As airport security gets tighter terrorists are plotting to defeat those security measures. Airport metal detectors are just a speed bump and many other measures had to be put in place to ensure people are able to travel safely. Airport security continues to get more advanced.
I remember when we used to carry our luggage out on the tarmac and hand it to the man loading the luggage. It was like getting on a Greyhound bus back then. Now we are subjected to verifying our identification and boarding passes long before we get to the gate. We have to pull our laptops from their cases and take off our shoes, belts, and jackets and step into a full body scanner that screens us for weapons while our carry-on luggage goes through a scanner to inspect the contents of it. The lucky travel gets an opportunity to be randomly selected to have their palm swabbed for explosives residue or get patted down. Meanwhile our checked bags are being x-rayed and checked by bomb sniffing dogs before they are loaded on the plane.
Even cargo containers are subjected to enormous x-ray machines before being loaded aboard planes. Today airports are typically surrounded by tall fences and walls to prevent unauthorized entry. Sensitive areas such as fueling points, baggage handling areas, and tarmac entrances are all more secure this days. Parking at the front doors of the airport to wait for a passenger is strictly forbidden and enforced by police to prevent a bomb attack on the facility. All these measures are in place today in a effort to prevent another terrorist attack.
We are constantly developing new measures that will make it more difficult for terrorists to defeat them. For instance, the Department of Homeland Security is promoting the...

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