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Nancy Hobbs ran like she had never run before. That thing, she saw, wasn’t human. It couldn’t be! As she ran, she reflected back upon her life. She was a runaway, living in New York, just trying to get by. Her dad died in a gang war when she was five. Her mom became a heroin addict after her dad had passed on. Her mom went from one boyfriend to another, each one hooking her mother on more and more drugs. Finally to get her fix, her mother permitted her boyfriends to “play” with Nancy. She was nine at the time. Remembering some of things that they did sent shivers up her spine and she was thankful for getting away.
Now at age thirteen, she was her own person. She found some friends that were also on the run. They called themselves the “Misfits,” after some Christmas show that one of the younger kids had seen and it stuck. She finally found a family within the faction. There was Janice, the oldest of the group and the mother, well she acted like it, she was sixteen. Nancy never really knew her background; Janice was very tightlipped about that subject matter, she just knew that she had been on her own for eight years. Janice took care of everybody, even the stray animals that where around the neighborhood. Whenever Nancy needed something or had a question about anything, Janice was always there for her. Janice was the one that found Nancy and brought her into the collection two years ago.
“Gee! Has been just two years, it seems like a lifetime ago,” Nancy thought to herself.
Then there was Kyle, the love of Nancy’s life. Kyle and Nancy just clicked when they met and had been together for the two years that she was with the crew. Kyle was the same age as her; he stood at five-nine had brown hair and the greenest eyes that she had ever seen. At first they were immediately friends, then something more came out of that camaraderie and neither her nor Kyle could deny it. Her best friend in the group was Erica. She was short for her age, at four foot ten but Erica didn’t take shit from no one that included Janice. Erica and Janice would butt heads at least once a week about something or other. It was always fun to see Erica’s fiery red hair shaking back and forth, and see them rant and rave about each other, but deep down Erica respected Janice for everything that she did for the other kids. Janice also liked Erica, because sometimes Erica was right about some of things that they argued about. But neither one would ever divulge it to each other that they appreciated one another.
Then Jimmy came along about a year ago; he was seven years old, stood at three foot eight and had brown hair with bluish gray eyes. His mom and dad died in a car accident when he was five. He had no other family so he went to an orphanage. The stories that he would tell Nancy were horrific, and she was glad that he escaped from there. Jimmy always talked about Rusty, his buddy there. They would get into so much trouble that the head-mistress...

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