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Preface: Shades Of Gray Essay

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Do you know that moment when the sky looks like it’s going to fall apart? Your perfect image of the world has been completely erased. It feels like the wind and the water beneath my feet are the only thing keeping me afloat; as the gas seeps through the one crack of the wooden prison. A breath of relief escapes me for finally I can see my end in the shape of a gaseous poison designed to kill. Designed to wipe away the remaining memories of a 16 years old’s history.
It all started on April, 1, 2013 the first day we heard the sirens, and the last day of normalcy. Men tore through the front door throwing my mother and youngest sister to the ground. Their bodies becoming all to personal with ...view middle of the document...

Blood became her partner as the sodden body slipped away. Blood found itself in his place. It would kiss her to sleep at night. Sing her love songs by the firelight. His blood. Her blood. Their blood would keep them safe even in the afterlife.
The guards moved us quickly onto the truck My mother followed leaving behind a mixture of my father’s and her blood. There was little conspiracy about the reason we were being captured. Deep down we all knew because we had gone against (GERMAN DICTATOR, but no matter what we must stay strong. And at that moment time stopped. I saw what I would be riding in. The passengers included: a mother and her six daughters. A woman, and a dying baby. Lastly, an old bitter man. There were no words to explain the carnage I saw. Men were missing limbs. The newborn’s mother was bleeding from in between her thighs. The baby must have just come. The cries of a newborn child filled the wagon.
“Shut that God damn baby up,” the bitter man cried.
“I don’t know what to do. She won't eat”
“Well, that’s your problem. Not a damn person cares about it. We’re all going to die anyways. She’s lucky she gets to go first.” The woman looked as if someone had just slapped her across the face.
No one spoke after that. The silence that fell over the wagon was not enchanting, but haunting. It felt like a dirge. We all felt it a slow creeping death bestowed upon us. No matter how much mom tried to convince us that we were safe. I knew the truth.
“Sully, where are we going,” My little sister asked nudging me. I didn’t want to lie to her, but I knew that she couldn’t...

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