Preferences Of 1st Year Tourism Students Of De La Salle Lipa About Domestic Travel And International Travel

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People travel for many reasons: Some travel for education, for medical reasons and business. But there are people who find traveling a part of their existence. They travel for fun and to seek adventure. Most families travel to bond and to relax. Traveling makes people better, not only to add good memories but also to realize what the other side of the world looks like. There are people who want to get out of their comfort zone and experience new things that will make them satisfy themselves and do more. Traveling will help you escape your daily routines especially the depressing part of life.
People can also travel domestically and internationally depending on what they prefer to experience. International travel is when a person travels outside of the country while domestic travel is when a person travel to other local places, not crossing outside the boundaries of a certain country. “France has headed the list of the top 10 tourist destinations for the past 3 years because of its elegance, fine wines and historical diversity.” Neecey Beresford (2012)
Upon discussing the related research, based on the Academy of Leadership Journal (2012), many people travel to sightsee, work and learn, so they offer options of careers for international preparation. This research will focus on the different views of the 1st year tourism students of De La Salle Lipa about the impacts of tourists coming from different countries in the field of domestic tourism.
The researchers also considered the related researches that the author gathered for furthermore detailed information. This included the effects of world heritage sites on domestic tourism. According to Journal of Geographical Systems (2013), Mussoni M. stated that “Cultural tourism allows destinations and regions to expand their customer base, diversify their offer, extend the stay of the tourist and reduce seasonality.” There are some people who travel to experience the culture of other places and unfortunately, some people find them more interesting than their own culture. People forget the importance of appreciating their own culture. Culture makes a place unique. It is a way of a certain place to be known for. It should be .enhanced and be appreciated more by the locals because what they have is something that is unique and irreplaceable. People travelling to different countries will learn new language, culture and tradition.
Not only cultural heritage can affect the tourism industry but also climate change ad natural disasters. If people will go back to the country’s tragedy that just happened recently in Visayas region, that is an example of a unstoppable disaster that people cannot control. “The literature on tourism and climate change lacks an analysis of the global changes in tourism demand.” Hamilton. J. M. (2006)
In today’s modernized world, travel is something which each and every one of us makes.
Tourism is one of the major sources of income for any country. Many countries nowadays have...

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