Pregnancy And Smoking. This Is A Term Paper That I Got An (A) On. It's 7 Pages Long Including Bibliography. My Research Has Been Wide And Thorough Enough To Support My Thesis Or Purpose.

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Pregnancy and SmokingI. Identification of a Public Health Issue:Currently, each day, approximately 1500 women start smoking for the first time. These new smokers join the ranks of the 22.2 million American women who smoke cigarettes (Ernster, 1993). Of this amount, approximately 20 to 45 percent are pregnant (Windsor, Li, Lowe, Perkins, Ershoff and Glynn, 1993). Smoking during pregnancy leads to very serious consequences for both the mother and the unborn child; however, there are ways to convince pregnant women to cease smoking.There are a number of very serious problems that are associated with tobacco use during pregnancy. In fact, a study has revealed that smoking cigarettes during pregnancy presents a more critical danger to healthy births than does using cocaine while pregnant (Blackwell, 1995). Moreover, several studies have shown that approximately 15 to 45 percent of all unfavorable pregnancy outcomes may be caused by smoking (McIntosh, 1984). Some of the pregnancy problems that are caused by smoking include: depressed fetal development, lower birth weights, and increased prenatal and perinatal death rates. Further, smoking has also been associated with decreased fertility and diminished lactation. Moreover, smoking during pregnancy has been linked to increase childhood cancer and at least one study has reported a relationship between sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and smoking during pregnancy.II. Ways in Which the Public is Educated About the Issue:The high incidence of smoking during pregnancy presents a serious public health problem; numerous interventions have been developed to counter the current trend. As discussed, smoking during pregnancy is more prevalent among women of lower economic classes and those who are less educated. Accordingly, many interventions and education plans have targeted these groups.Studies have shown that implementing a minimal-contact smoking cessation program that is part of a clinic visit is quite feasible. Public health settings provide an opportunity to reach a broad spectrum of women, and link smoking intervention with a program for promotion of the overall health and well being of the unborn child and young children. Moreover, these clinics may be the only source of healthcare for some mothers, and are therefore very important settings for a quick, but essential smoking message.Self-help manuals have also shown considerable appealing promises. These manuals have several considerable appealing features: they can be disseminated at a relatively low cost in maternity clinics, and to large numbers of smokers; written materials can be customized for different target groups; smokers can tailor the program recommendations to their specific needs; and by keeping written materials, smokers who fail to stop on a single attempt can easily repeat the program.III. A Comparison of Different Views Surrounding the Issue:Although almost everyone agrees that smoking during pregnancy can present very serious...

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