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Pregnancy Prevention Essay

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Pregnancy Prevention


Pregnancy is not always a planned or wanted event in peoples lives,
and so we have man made ways to prevent pregnancy from happening.
Everyone has the freedom of choice, both male and female, so therefore
there are both male and female methods of contraception. There is an
expansive range of contraception methods world wide, and they can be
as extreme as being operated on, such as having a tubal ligation or a
vasectomy. The more minor options are using condoms or taking a type
of contraceptive pill.

In this essay I will also talk about the different factors which
effect the way people feel about contraception, as many people have
beliefs which may not allow them to use man made methods of

The right to plan your own family gives rise to a government duty to
ensure that women and men have equal access to a full range of
contraceptive choices and reproductive health services and that they
have accurate information about sexual and reproductive health. Nearly
230 million women world wide - 1in 6 women of reproductive age - lack
information on and access to a full range of contraceptive methods.
More than one-third of all pregnancies - 80 million each year- are
unwanted or mistimed. (1)

A full range of contraceptive methods includes: male and female
condoms, vaginal barrier methods, oral contraceptives, implants,
injectables, intrauterine devices, male and female sterilization, and
emergency contraception (E.C).

Governments that place obstacles in the way of women's access to
contraceptive choices - by strictly regulating or prohibiting
contraceptive methods and information, or by requiring a husband's
consent for the use of contraception - violate the right to family
planning. For example, the World Health Organization (WHO) describes
EC as a contraceptive method used by women in the first few days
following unprotected intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Some
conservative political and religious organizations seek to limit
women's reproductive choices by an inaccurately characterizing EC as
abortion, when in fact; the WHO considers it a safe contraceptive.

Respect for women's rights to reproduce self-determination also
requires governments to ensure that women give their full, informed
consent before receiving a contraceptive method. Government policies
that disregard a women's own wishes in

order to meet demographic goals put women in danger of coercive and
violent practices. Subjecting women to surgical sterilization or
administering contraceptive injections or implants without her
informed consent, for example, violates women's fundamental
reproductive rights.

Consistent and correct use of modern methods of contraception can
prevent many unwanted pregnancies. In order to meet their

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