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Prehistoric And Near Eastern Art: Creative Writing In Addition To Research/Factual Information Regarding Obscure Works From These Periods

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It is 2300 A.D., and as the matriarch of our civilization, Satine, I am sending the court artisans to ancient civilizations to gather inspirational artifacts for our developing art program. Although we have unlimited means to acquire such works of art, the civilizations we are most interested are far away from our land of Satine. In addition to inspiration through art, we are also evolving in our architecture. This society does not have an official religion; there is separation between church and state and all individuals are free to practice their religion of choice, so long as it does not impose upon others.Satine has very rich soil, being that our empire is located near many bodies of water, has ample precipitation, and a warm climate, which we take full advantage. Our fertile lands are the object of envy from surrounding civilizations, thus resulting in the threat of invasion and ultimate demise of our civilization. Although the community seeks me to make all decisions, I view the citizens of this culture as a council, through which I am able to gain new perspectives, which may weigh my decisions. However, my decisions are more suggestions than the final say.Each resident in our culture is encouraged to seek insight through a higher education; therefore, our population has an exceptionally high literacy rate. This civilization is very economically stable because of our quest for knowledge. I expect each citizen to contribute in some way to the betterment of our community. I expect each citizen, including myself, to question and engage in intellectual conversation. Although our culture is always open to change for the better, we do not welcome outsiders due to the high risk of surrounding civilizations overthrowing our internally peaceful community.I sent the court artisans to look at the art and architecture of the Prehistoric era and the ancient Near Eastern period. I came to select these periods for inspiration not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because these civilizations have commonalities with the Satine society. Much like the Prehistoric populace, we are settled and agricultural people who paradoxically hunt and gather. During Prehistoric times, women were the subject of many sculptures. This could inspire our art program being that we are a matriarchal society.We are also similar to the ancient Near Eastern civilizations. For example, the Persians, like us, were open-minded. Although the Persians were accepting of other civilizations and we fear defeat by other civilizations, we are accepting of different lifestyles within our community. In addition, similar to the Assyrians, we are warriors. Though we do not seek war, we will not retreat when we feel our civilization is in jeopardy.Terracotta Figure of a Woman (Figure 1)The first piece that my artisans brought to me was a Neolithic, terracotta, sculpture in the round (c. 6,000 B.C.). The sculpture is only 3 5/16" long. It depicts a reclining, nude, female figure. She rests on...

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