Prejudice Against Women Depicted In Glaspell's, A Jury Of Her Peers

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A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell is a story that reveals how women were subjected to prejudice in the early part of the 1900s. The story revolves around Minnie Wright, who was at the center of a murder investigation, and two other women, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters, who decide their own verdict and fate of Mrs. Wright. Even though the women were at the height of sexual discrimination, Susan Glaspell shows how a woman’s bond and intuition far surpass that of any man. The struggle the women faced throughout the story shows how hard it was for women to live in a male dominate world.
When Mrs Hale and Mrs. Peters first walk into Minnie Wrights house, they see how lonely and unkept her house was. The men could not understand why a woman would keep her house in that condition, but the women determine how sad and depressed Mrs. Wright was. "'I might 'a' known she needed help! I tell you, it's queer, Mrs. Peters. We live close together, and we live far apart. We all go through the same things—it's all just a different kind of the same thing! If it weren't—why do you and I understand? Why do we know—what we know this minute?(288) As Mrs. Peters is going through Mrs. Wrights house, she starts to understand the deeper meaning behind the murder. “The similarity in the lives and habits of the three women, made salient by the supercilious sneers of the men , leads to empathy that transcends pity”(Alkalay-Gut).
As the women are wondering around the kitchen they come across a birdcage, but no bird. After further investigation, the women eventually find the bird dead, in a box with its neck broken, inside Minnie’s sewing basket. The bird was Minnie’s only outlet to loving someone because she was childless. When Mr. Wright killed the bird he killed Minnie’s spirit. "But Mrs. Wright did not kill her husband just because he killed her bird, but...

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776 words - 4 pages . Peterson that Minnie was provoked by living twenty years with an oppressive cruel husband. When the men found humor in the comment “women are used to worrying over trifles” her awareness of gender inequality and oppression increased. The plight of the women living in a male dominated society bound the two women together in their determination that Minnie should be protected from a biased all male jury so they hid the canary in Mrs. Hales coat pocket.

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