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Prejudice Among Caucasian In Californian Harsh Feelings Towards Mexican Immigrants

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Everyone around the world has their own prejudices. Some of these prejudices are positive and others are negative. Prejudices that are negative are detrimental to the society in which they exist. One example of a negative prejudice in California is that some Caucasians look down upon working Mexican immigrants. One of the major complaints made by some Caucasian in California is that Mexican immigrants are "stealing their jobs." What is meant by this is that many Caucasians in California observe that many of the lower paying positions including field jobs are being filled by Mexican immigrants and their families. Unfortunately, some Caucasians view this negatively and put the label on it that ...view middle of the document...

One major reason for the existence of prejudices in a society is displayed in Allport's concept of how children acquire their loyalties and prejudices from their parents. Allport states in his essay, "The Formation of In-groups," that "The child is ordinarily expected to acquire hs parents' loyalties and prejudices" (Allport 48). What Allport is saying in this quote is that parents have an immense influence on their children. Because of this the children will pick up on much of what their parents do and say and then display the same behavior themselves. As a result, if a child sees their parents acting in a way that would suggest that a negative prejudice exists towards another culture, the child will pick up on their parents behavior and they may display the same behavior. Also, if a child hears their parents speaking negatively towards or about another culture, the child may also learn to reflect their parents in speech and attitude. This same concept can be applied to the negative prejudices that some Caucasians in California hold towards Mexican immigrants. For example, when I was in high school I overheard many Caucasian adolescents in my economics and political science classes complain about Mexican immigrants "stealing jobs from them." Unfortunately, strong prejudice statements like this are ones that are usually passed on from parent to child. I know this to be true because I have heard my own parents ranting about the very same thing. One way to solve this problem would be for parents not to display their negative prejudices when the child is around. Another possible solution would be for the parents to expose their children to different cultures beginning at a young age. In the case of the Caucasian community, it would be best if Caucasian parents did not constantly complain about how Mexican immigrants are "stealing their jobs." Another improvement to the situation would be for Caucasian parents to teach their children about people from other cultures, including Mexican culture.
Another source of negative prejudices is the media. Although many celebrities promote many "forward thinking" ideas about the environment and race relations, there are still many that do not. Many celebrities that are comedians are often known for making racial jokes. Although these jokes may seem funny at the time and people may say that it is alright for them to make those jokes because they are a comedian or because they are making fun of their own race, it can still damage the minds of children and adolescence. All throughout my grade school years, I heard other children on the playground cracking racial jokes that they had heard from some comedian or saw on the internet. The solution to this problem is to not promote race and culture jokes, but to promote tolerance in the media. The media and celebrities have a significant influence on children in society today. It would prove helpful if comedians kept racial jokes to themselves and told other jokes...

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