Prejudice And Discrimination Are Alive And Well

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Discrimination is Not Dead

White (adj.)- very lightest color, like snow or common salt; colorless      Black (adj.)- like coal or soot, dismal, sullen, hostile, evil, wicked; soiled with dirt

These two words are not only seen as colors to the people of America, but as who a person is, whether or not they can be trusted, if they are clean, or even if they are considered to be a "heathen", an unenlightened person who lacks moral principles. From the beginning of time these two colors have determined your life and what you are able to achieve. Many choose to believe that the times of inequality are over, and that equality is given to all, but evidence is presented daily that America portrays the black man to be inferior to the white race.

While equality among all have grown in America over the past decade, minorities still have a hard time reaching their goals in society, or getting the job that they have always wanted, and in most times deserve because of their skin color. Exploitation of blacks have been in our history every since the early 1700's late 1600's and have gotten better, but never left, they even took it to television. In 1900 when blacks were first allowed to act, black women were only allowed to play background roles, hypersexual roles as "Jezebels" or submissive "mammies". Men were just the opposite, they were seen as "objects of ridicule, as in the Ratus and Sambo films, or was condemned in films such as D. W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation for lusting after white women" (Hooks, 1992; Jewell, 1993). Television and movies often illustrates a world that blacks and whites live in harmony, with the unsaid statement that this is only true by the acceptance of white supremacy. Today, it is rare to see a black person in a high position, or acting the leading role in a movie, this has been going on since the start of movies and television. In fact, Hattie McDaniel, in 1939, played a maid in Gone With the Wind, and although she was one of the "stars" of the show, it did not change the assumptions that black women should be representatives as servants to white women. Some contemporary films that also distorts the view of black women are, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Passion Fish, these two films "offered viewers progressive visions of white females, still image black women in the same way- as servants."(568) "While superficially appearing to present a portrait of racial social equality, mass media actually work to reinforce assumptions that black folks should always be cast in supporting roles in relation to white characters."(Hooks 568) Not all roles that have been given to blacks have been those of servants, however, the roles are always subordinate to whites. Two examples are the black FBI agent in Silence of the Lambs, whose only job was to boost the ego of the lead female star, Jodie Foster. Also, Danny Glover is and example, his character in all of the lethal weapon movies, was "to be...

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