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Prejudice Behavior Essay

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No stronger word exists in the English dictionary then the word prejudice. People all over the world and in many different time eras were prejudice towards each other. All over the world people struggle with discrimination towards the color of their skin, their gender, and more recently, the clothes they buy and how much they cost. Everyone just tries to make it in this horrible life and when people are tearing each other down for characteristics they cannot control, it makes the uphill battle of life more difficult. In the novel by John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath, everyone wants to survive and although they acquire many different obstacles throughout their journey to California, their biggest struggle includes people discriminating against them and making their lives more difficult. The main example of prejudice behavior toward the migrants includes man’s inhumanity towards other men. Another clear example of prejudice behavior towards the migrates includes the man whose children die of starvation. The most prejudice operation towards them throughout the novel, however, proceeded to extend from the police officials. The Grapes of Wrath sheds light on the discrimination and prejudice behavior towards migrants traveling to California during the dust bowl and exhibited the unfair treatment the Okies faced.
Work seemed impossible to find while the migrants traveled across the United States and into California and because of this they were not eating as much as they needed. They were desperate to find a job. The Joad family, the main family in the novel, stumbled across an a ragged man. “His black coat dripped torn streamers. The knees were gone from his dungarees. His face was black with dust, and lined where sweat had washed through” (Steinbeck 242). This man lived a sad and difficult life. During this time, everyone needed their family more than anything else in the world. Their families are what kept them going in life. They gave their life meaning, but because of the harsh living conditions and the inability to find a well paying job, death lingered around all families. The man they found lost his children to death. The job he obtained included wages that at were too low to include enough...

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