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Prejudice Towards Men With Long Hair

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What is prejudice? Prejudice is defined as an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason. There are various types of prejudice. For example, the most common ones are race, financial situation, such as lower, middle, and upper classes, and ethnicity. Another type of prejudice is when someone is judged strictly by the way they look. One firm example would be men having long hair. To many people, this type seems eccentric; however, it is more typical than presumed.

I have witnessed this type of prejudice firsthand. My boyfriend has longer hair than I and for this reason, he has been discriminated against many times. For instance, many people assume he uses drugs because he has long hair. One example is when I was told that I shouldn't date him because he probably uses drugs. The only reason this person had for making this assumption was the fact that he had long hair. Another similar example happened while we were walking in the hallway. A boy came up to him and asked him where the drugs were in this school. My boyfriend said he did not know and the boy replied, "You have to know. You have long hair."

He has also been told he looks like a girl numerous times. Just the other day someone told him they had a pair of sheep shears they would love to try out on him. My uncle also volunteers to cut his hair everytime he sees him. He too believes he looks like a girl.

The criticism is not always intentional, however. He has also been called a girl various times by accident. For instance, while we were eating at a restaurant one time the waitress asked what "us ladies would like to drink." Another time as similar incident occurred was at the mall. While we were browsing through items, the manager approached us and asked if "we ladies needed any assistance."


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