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Premarital Counseling Essay

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What is Premarital Counseling?

Premarital Counseling is defined as a type of therapy that helps couples prepare for marriage and it is often provided by a licensed therapist. Therapist is known as a marriage or family therapist. There are also the options of seeking counseling through your religious institution if that works better for you and your future spouse (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2013) .

How to prepare for Premarital Counseling?

When embarking on any new venture in your life you need to follow steps that lead up to that instant, so below is a checklist that you and your future spouse should follow in order to secure that you’ve chosen the right individual help in this big step. Before you and your spouse chose any individual to help you on your course to matrimony, please research all of the types of counseling approaches that are offered. Then from that point chose an individual that offers that approach you and your spouse are seeking. Be sure to know whether or not the individual you chose is licensed or not. You may also want to see how many years this individual has been in practice. It is also important to ask for references or referral in today’s community word of mouth still exists and goes a long way in many cases. Be sure to look at the logistics of office locations and office hours. Have a treatment plan worked out on paper with you therapist or whomever you and your spouse chooses to go with. Know exactly how many sessions at what length of time and at what cost to you and your spouse. You may also want to check into what your insurance charges of you chose to go through your insurance for payment. You may also check on what deals you state or county offers individuals if they attend premarital counseling.

What are the benefits of Premarital Counseling?

The benefits of premarital counseling are simple but important so one of the reasons why it is recommended is to find and sort out any possible issues before they even arise. Doing so will strengthen you and your spouse’s relationship prior to marriage and perhaps get some things in check first. Premarital counseling also teaches communication and conflict resolution techniques. This will help to increase the level of marital satisfaction. It is also found/suggested that greater communication skills reduce the risk of divorce. The counseling should also bring up discussions that are vital to a couple’s relationship. Whatever these things are they should be hatched out before so there are no surprises in the relationship. These issues may be minor or major depending on what’s discussed. This may be a time to sort out like gender roles, expectations, and finances most importantly. Premarital counseling is basically making you aware of strengths and growth areas therefore insuring a happy and long future together as one (Stebbins, 2011; Duncan, Childs & Larson, 2010).

Types of Premarital Counseling

As stated earlier there are...

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