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Premarital Sex Essay

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Premarital sex is something that has been around as long as humans have been around. According to a USA Today article, a study finds that about ninety five percent of Americans have had premarital sex. With the Catholic population in American being about twenty five percent, it is safe to assume that most Catholics are not following the teachings of the Church to a tee. It is easy to say that it is the current generations that are acting more promiscuous because they are getting married later in life but the study was conducted including people that were born as far back as the 1940s. With this premarital sex it seems as though even those who believe they are good Catholics are ...view middle of the document...

In this case, one way the Church clearly interpreted these, of many statements, was that sex before marriage is immoral. For sometime, the Church has encouraged and held the official stance that waiting until marriage to have sexual relations with your partner is the moral thing to do. The Church even goes as far to say that it is in fact immoral to have sex before marriage. They argue that the act of sex prior to marriage dilutes the love shared during marriage. It is also argued that sex loses its meaning and becomes an outlet for selfishness and self indulgence.

In the Catholic Church’s mission they reach out and do many things to try to prevent this epidemic in not only America, but around the world. Their mission consists mainly of education. By using the Bible along with the catechism, the Church makes strong arguments and convincing statements related to waiting for marriage to have intercourse. According to the Church, it must be a priority that society be saved and preserved combating this act. Premarital sex not only affects a marriage, but the children involved, eventually these children’s marriages, and the meaning of love in general which is one of God’s greatest gifts. This mission endowed to the church is given to them by God and is divinely inspired and carried out divinely. (LG147) In Lumen Gentium it also says that God assigned these Catholic missions to the laity and Church in order for the mission to be carried on past the death of Christ. (LG 148)
The fact that premarital sex and “sexual immorality” have become common in today’s society creates a great challenge for the Church. When most practicing Catholics not following a core rule and principle of the religion it diminishes the power the Church has over the religion. It also is a concern for the Church that according to the catechism a large majority of the laity and fundamentally immoral, or taking part in immoral activities regularly and not expressing guilt, remorse, or repentance for it. Another challenge this presents to the church goes back the factor of love. If we look at James Smith’s Desiring the Kingdom and how he describes the human person, as a thinker, believer and lover, we can see fundamental problems with the laity’s actions in regard to premarital sex. (Smith 46) While Smith recognizes that these descriptions are pieces...

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