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Premature Triplets Essay

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Maria is a 34-year-old mother of two girls, 8 and 6, and she is currently expecting twins, which she did not want to know the gender of. She is happily married to Mario for 10 years now. Maria comes from a very stable home where her parents and three sisters got along really well. On the other hand, Mario’s parents divorced when he was 10 years old, but his parents decided to maintain a civil relationship for Mario’s sake and well being, so it is very safe to say that he grew up in a stable and safe environment. Maria is an art teacher at the Montessori School, where her daughters attend, which allows her to have a very child-friendly schedule and to spend a lot of time with her daughters ...view middle of the document...

The three of them were taken immediately to the NICU where Sabrina and Santiago were kept under observation for two weeks, but Alejandra was there a month and a half. All of them were breathing completely on their own, but they caught a lung infection, which could be dangerous for them if not observed closely. Alejandra was able to fight the infection, but caught it again a few days after going home causing her to go back to the hospital.
Once the three of them were released from the hospital, they had general checkups just to make sure that everything was okay, and it was. The doctors in the hospital told Maria that due to their premature birth, they could have cognitive and physical developmental delays. The triplets have always been categorized as underweight and shorter for their age, as expected. Nothing has been serious enough to be considered endangering to them. Santiago was diagnosed at age 8 with ADHD and began taking Ritalin and was recently changed to Abretia. Sabrina does not have any learning disabilities or any other symptom that has to be treated with medication; it would be perfectly safe to say that out of the three of them, she has been the healthiest. Alejandra has been most affected by the premature birth. She is constantly getting colds, continues to be the smallest and skinniest, and has sensory issues, and learning disabilities. At first the doctors thought that she had...

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