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Prenuptial Agreements. Essay

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Marriage is defined as a relationship that is legally recognized and established by a civil or religious ceremony, joining together in wedlock two people who intend to live together as sexual and domestic partners "until death do them part." It is also defined as a blend of two or more entities. The word Blend is defined as a mixture of two or more substances so that they do not readily separate. A marriage should also have trust. Trust is defined as the confidence and the reliance that one places on someone or something. In a nutshell, a marriage is mixture two people and their possessions, and contains within it all of the trust necessary to be lifelong partners; however, there are a wealthy few who feel as if a prenuptial agreement is the only true method of which they can define the level of faith within a marriage. They feel that if a spouse agrees to a prenuptial agreement then that person truly loves them and does not want them for financial benefits. A prenuptial agreement should not be a factor in the engagement process.My opposers would say that a prenuptial agreement is sometimes necessary because people are sometimes not sure of the loyalty of their spouse. A marriage is a union of two people and well as their possessions with all of the trust deemed necessary to be lifelong partners. If one does not trust the person in whom he or she desires to marry then marriage should not be subject of discussion between those particular individuals. The person someone marries should be the person that he or she would trust with their own life. Trust is the key and there is no way to get around...

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