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When you’re hiring professional stagers to style a property you’re selling, there are certain steps you need to follow to prepare the space. Especially if it’s a home you lived in, you can’t just pack up your bags and leave everything to the property styling experts. You also need to ensure that you have the space prepped well for the staging. No matter how good the property staging professionals do their magic to try and spice up your space, if there are unfinished business you failed to take care of, the property presentation will not be as effective. It may even become a complete waste.
Here at Furnish and Finish we’ll give you some tips on what you can do to prepare your home for property styling.
1. Get rid of clutter
Take out your empty boxes and start packing your dozens of photo frames, the athletic trophies, the academic medals and awards, as well as the framed certificates. A wall filled with family photos, for ...view middle of the document...

Don’t take them all out though as it would be good to stage your home with some beautiful pieces of furniture to make it feel homey. You can consult with your professional stager to find out what they suggest what furniture would best to retain in your house.
3. Hire movers
All unnecessary furniture and decorations in your home, need to be packed and moved into your new home. If you have things you will no longer be using, make sure to dispose of these properly. You can hire movers to transport all of your things to your new home. Make sure to keep them out of your property so the home staging experts who’ll style your home can concentrate on the interior styling of your property and not on moving your new things out of the way.
4. Repair and upgrade
Take care of whatever needs fixing and what needs upgrading. A worn out house with a number of construction, plumbing or electrical issues would be a big turn-off to buyers. You can’t hide these things with interior styling. Before the professionals home stagers come in, be sure all of these are already fixed. Upgrades on the other hand are huge plus points and may attract buyers into purchasing the home. The key places to look out for are the kitchen and the bathroom.
5. Hire professional cleaners
Your house needs to be immaculately clean. This though is beyond the scope of home staging. Professional stagers won’t clean the house for you. If you have the time, you can clean the house yourself but remember it’s important to really get all the dirt and grime out and to make the house spotless.
6. Tidy up your home exterior
Don’t forget your home exterior. Trim your shrubs, clean your driveway and walkway, and work on having an aesthetically pleasing front door and porch. The styling you can leave to the experts but make sure you keep the area clean and presentable.
To achieve a successful property presentation you can’t rely in just bringing in fancy furniture and setting up lovely lighting. Effective property styling also includes properly cleaning and essential repairs and upgrades. With all these elements put in to place, you can have a beautifully staged home that you won’t have any trouble selling.

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