Preparation For The Separation Between Student And High School

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Your whole life depends on how well you do and the decisions you make as a teenager. Adults are always asking us about our plans for the future. As a matter of fact, students do not have the slightest idea of what awaits them. High school, in general, does not prepare students well enough for their departure into the real world. After four years of being here I am certainly not prepared to leave. The simplicity of high school is what makes it fun and effortless. It gives students a sense of belonging, which is something you are unlikely to have out in the real world. There are essential life skills that high school simply does not teach students.

Regardless of the courses you take in high school, it is generally a plain, modest and pure institution. Students have a set schedule and they are not presented with many challenges other than completing assigned work for the relevant classes. To some extent, post-secondary education lacks this sense of security which might be a shock to many students. High school teaching methods are somehow non-existent in university and college. At school, teachers care for the student as an individual and assist them with many of their difficulties whether it is personal or work related, this makes the student look up to their teachers as a second parent, and depend on them to solve their problems. As a result we progress through high school with a sense of dependency on our teachers. We adapt to this sincere treatment to an extent that we become so content and satisfied; we are not prepared for what awaits us out of high school.

In addition to the straightforwardness of high school, we get the sense of sanctuary from being surrounded by the same people throughout the period of time we spend there, whether it is our teachers, peers, friends, or even support staff. The number of students in a class room will not exceed 30, versus the very large amount of students in a university auditorium. Once you leave that haven, you are just a number, not very significant, and on your own. We get so accustomed to the...

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