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"Prepare A Report Which Explains How 3 Urban Dynamics Operating In The City Of Sydney Have Changed The Nature And Spatial Patterns Of The City.

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Geography ReportThe nature and the spatial pattern of Sydney have been changed by various operating urban dynamics. The Urban Morphology refers to the functional form and character of the urban environment. The factors that contribute to the city?s morphology include its land use and street patterns; its architectural styles, building types and materials; streetscapes and density of development; the nature of the biophysical environment, such as topography; and a wide range of socio-economic and cultural influences.This report will be based upon three urban dynamics that have an effect on the city of Sydney, they are:· Suburbanisation· Urban Decay· Urban Renewal and Gentrification· SUBURBANISATIONSuburbanisation refers to the movement of people, employment and facilities away from the inner city towards the outer urban areas. This process is common worldwide and in Sydney especially, the process of Suburbanisation is common, as it is ?The Great Australian Dream? to live in the suburbs with a large house on a ¼ acre block.Suburban living became possible in the later part of the nineteenth century with the introduction of the streetcar and suburban rail networks that allowed people to live further away from the city CBD. Until the introduction of the railways, cities remained very compact. Because most people walked to work they tended to live close to their place of employment, in rows of terraces or semi0detached housing. The in creased mobility offered by the railways led to the development of small, nucleated, suburban area adjacent to railway stations; urban areas subsequently developed a star-shape pattern. The introduction of tram and bus systems led to some infilling of areas between railway lines. Mass car ownership from the mid-twentieth century, accentuated the trend. These trends, alongside the development of the trucking industry, in turn attracted employment to suburbia. As a result the inner city and suburbia became increasingly distant from each other.A recent trend of polarisation in Sydney suburbs is developing due to a lack of diversity in the new-release areas. The phenomenon of polarisation is changing the social map of Sydney as development and planning processes are aggressively, if inadvertently, splitting the suburbs into new areas of the haves and have nots. Sydney is world renowned as a multicultural city which boasts many suburbs almost entirely based upon ethnicities, however, this is not necessarily a good feature as it splits cultures and results in the polarisation of either different ethnic groups or varied income earners. As a result of polarisation, Sydney?s cultures and the varied income earners will become fashioned to certain areas or urban villages and will result in an unusual spatial pattern, which would further result in urban decay of certain urban villages.Sydney Urban and Peri-Urban Area, Population Change by Concentric Distance from the CBD (5km rings)Source: ABS...

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