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Prepare An Essay On The Topic Of The Impact Of Management In The Globalization Of Business

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Prepare an essay on the topic of the impact of management in the globalization of business.
The world that we are living in is becoming smaller and smaller from day to day while it is the same in size. The access to vast volume of information that are available to us, the world communication, and transport make the world a very small village. Businesses are not producing for a particular country, but for the world. That is why managers, that are responsible of the companies, must always have the world customers in head in the process of producing. Although, the phenomenon of making the world village is referred to as globalization. What ...view middle of the document...

Now, we can conclude by saying that communication is a key role of management in the globalization of business. I might not be wrong saying that it is the most important component for a business to run smoothly. As we have already known that the world is made to be a village through a phenomenon called globalization. Therefore, it is evident that managers will have to deal with all kinds of people, different types of personalities, different types of languages and cultural aspects. Can you imagine how difficult this scenario can be; having dealt with such a people!
In the reading of this week we have learned bunches of things on the impact of management in business. On page 67 of the book Principles of business management, the author said that; ``the problem is prevalent that scholars proposed to create and validate a theory of the relationship between cultural and societal, organizational and leadership effectiveness. `` (p.67) Managers all over the world are going to set dimensions related to the cultures. Because most of the large organization involve in Multinational Corporation, which are organizations that own or control production or services facilities in one or more countries other than the home country. Evidently,...

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