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Prepare Exercise Essay

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The problems that should be addressed at the Shatterproof County Department of Social Services in Public Assistance Division are: the agency is struggling to adapt to new policies, regulations, and requirements concerning the distribution of needed resources. Also another problem that should be addressed the way workers treat clients, most of whom are women of color. Lastly, another problem is that workers are pressured to process clients through the problem-solving process as quickly as possible and little emphasis is place on client empowerment. I think that starting small to reach workers in my own unit would be beneficial because you will be able to get a feel on workers opinions about the situation at hand. I do not think that I should initiate the training myself. I believe that the training should be established by someone who is more of an expert in emphasizing the importance of client empowerment, new policies, and treatment of clients. I also think that it would be important for us to provide training and educational seminars monthly on the importance of client empowerment, new policies, and treatment of clients in order for workers to stay aware.
The unit and the agency may not accept and empowerments approach because as it is stated in the case study the agency is already struggling to adapt to new policies, regulations, and requirements. It would be of grave importance for the agency to engage in this training because on a macro stand-point because if the agency is treating women of color a certain way than they are oppressing a population that is at risk. On a personal reality it makes me aware that oppression is still apparent today and that many agencies are still facing the unwillingness to change. The factors that will help me are the code of ethics and the clients. The factor that may hinder me is the workers and their inability to seek change. Training the unit staff should not cost anything if we fund raised the event or found volunteers who would be willing to conduct the training in short notice. Or there are other possibilities such as connect with partner agencies to host training exercises and that would be beneficial because it’s a form of networking.
I think that it is important for the workers to have a constant training because policies change and the population of people we work with situations change. In order to readily identify how to assist...

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