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Ready For Takeoff Essay

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I just had one of the best weekends of my life. Two days ago I was in this very location but on arrival. I was planning to surprise my sister who I hadn’t seen in months. The look on her face was well-worth the trip. However, like any perfect trips, it went by much too quick. Every moment brought me right down to this location and time. I am in the SMF Sacramento airport; every sound, smell, and site makes this experience what is – a nightmare.
I arrived early only to discover that my flight was delayed by three hours, thus destroying my great mood. As I make my way through security I watch everyone take their belongings off and place them into a rectangular plastic bin, which goes through a scanner. As I am near the front of the line the OCD side of me is freaking; everyone has to take off their shoes, and I have to walk on that floor afterwards. Then, I reevaluate and tell myself that it is only my feet. Finally, I couldn’t help but notice some people getting full body pat downs while I quickly grab my things to go on my way.
As I make my way to the terminal I can’t help but notice how many shops and food places are around me – they’re everywhere! Everywhere I looked made me want to raid the shops. They were perfectly done up to appeal to the many tourists. I, being one of those common tourists, walked into several. I managed to pull myself together and not buy anything. The way the designers of the shops know how to appeal to everyone’s inner desire to hastily spend without the acknowledgement is overwhelming.
There is a young baby with an obstinate cry that has been progressing for a good 15 minutes, in the distance. I wonder when the parents are going to take action to calm the baby down. I’m watching the sunset and the clouds change colors of purple and pink, covering the whole sky. It is one of the most beautiful things about California. Everyone takes a couple of moments out of their busy lives to look up and enjoy the beauty for a few seconds. Some people are taking pictures and others are just mesmerized by the colors above.
While I’m sitting at gate B19 for my plane there is a scarce amount of people talking to loved ones but there is an exceeding amount of people on their cell phones or other electronic devices. When I look out into the distance most of them have their heads down, glued to their electronics. It is pretty funny to see and realize that I do the same thing. People don’t like to just sit in a chair for hours so they find ways to stay busy and wants not better than your electronics.
The airport...

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