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Preparing For Bioterrorism Essay

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Breathe in, breathe out. That one little gasp of oxygen could be your last. No one can see it, feel it, tough it, or even smell it, but it could kill everyone in that room. Even you. Go ahead, check your hands, that door handle you just touched was infected with a biological agent that has left you with 12 hours to live if you are lucky. No one can help you, not the CDC, not the Government, not your doctor. This is a biological attack happening, right there on your hand, you don’t even know it though so you will shake someone’s hand and it will spread like wild fire. Yes, you are inadvertently helping cripple the nation. This is biological warfare. This is what could happen at any moment and no one would know. This is exactly what the United States Government is worried about. Biological warfare is the next from in war, nuclear war is not possible without destroying the planet so the terrorist and other countries have turned to technology to instill fear in their opponents. America is not ready for this, our medical professionals who are supposed to save lives have no idea how to, our technology is not advanced enough to create an antimicrobial agent fast enough to save people. America is not ready. Bioterrorism is the next frontier while America is playing catch-up. The government, Department of Defense or Homeland Security, should be more prepared for these future attacks because it is not a matter of what if; it is matter of when.
Overview of the Problem:
The United States of America is unquestionably not ready for a full scale biological attack. Bioterrorism is defined as terrorist acts involving the use of harmful agents and products of biological origin, as disease-producing microorganisms or toxins. It is as easy as a terrorist putting the disease on their hands and shaking them with someone to spread it with no government to check for foreign illnesses at airports, “Before 11 September 2001, but also at present, one of the most frequent means of spreading an infection was to import it from a country where they commonly exist to countries where they occur sporadically (typhus abdominals, infectious hepatitis, and hemorrhagic fever)” (Bučka 283).It is evident that even among health professionals in Australia, the country with the deadliest animals, who say they are not ready for biological attacks, American health professionals do not have a prayer (Canyon 3). Canyon also notes that “Although some would argue that the spectre of bioterrorism is unlikely, Al-Qa’ida has, almost as a retort, called on its adherents to attempt biological war on US troops in Iraq late in 2006” (4) causing a stir among the American people to call for ways to protect the troops and the American people. The anthrax attacks and scares instilled the fear in people that the terrorist were looking for and gave the terrorist what they wanted (Bučka 283) which was fear and panic. When a nation fears the unknown and panics they stop their daily activities because...

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