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Preparing For College Writing Is A Nightmare

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After reading the “College Writing” article, I can compare myself to that article because the article actually tells me what my college professors expect me to do when I reach into that level. I feel like everything I learned from my previous classes and what I did in those previous classes had nothing to do with what college professors require me to do. For example, in the “College Writing” article it said, “The five paragraph theme is a good way to learn how to write an academic essay.” I realized that in college we go beyond the academic essay, so why am I still being taught the five paragraph essay? Shouldn’t we be prepared for the college five page, six page or even seven page essays? If the article tells me exactly why the five paragraph essay is not a good method to be used, than why am I still being taught to write a five paragraph essay? When it comes to writing, I wish I can just run away from it, because writing has been my least favorite thing to do.
Writing an essay was always the least favorite thing to me. Whether it’s a paragraph or five paragraphs, I hate it write. Whether it’s something fun or something easy, I just hate to write. I specifically chose to be an automotive technician so I don’t have to write much in my life. Writing in my previous experiences just never worked out for me, because my ideas and writing go way off topic. For example, I start writing about one thing and then jump to another thing. Everything I learned about writing from elementary school to high school was taught in many different ways. Like it said in the “College Writing” article, “The way college instructors teach is probably different from what you experienced in high school, and so is what they expect from you.” So why can’t all the teachers teach the same way, so we can all make it easier for each other? No teacher taught me the same way to write a sentence or paragraph. It has been so complicated to write because of all these different teachings and ideas. Now in college I’m being expected to write 5-10 page essays that I have never been taught or explained how to do.
Growing up in elementary school I was to write a sentence about what my plans were to do after school. It was so simple I started writing about me playing outside with my friends, going to watch my older brother’s basketball game and than doing my homework. The things I did and learned in elementary school were so simple and easy. I started to like the idea of writing a sentence about how I will spend my day after school. In my 5th grade elementary class my first big assignment was to write a paragraph about what I wanted to when I got older. At that point I started to feel nervous, because I had never wrote long extended sentences and I felt like I was still too young to talk about what I wanted to be when I got older. I got help from couple teachers, but putting the structure together still wouldn’t stick to my mind. After all the help I got,...

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