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Preparing For Nursing Exams Essay

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The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN (PDF)) allocates the specific amount of questions that the nurse must answer in each category on the nursing exams. The NCSBN-PN and NCSBN-RN exams (PDF) vary in subtle ways. The most notable differences include categorical questions, such as client care responsibility, blood administration and central line care. Registered Nurses have furthered their training to dictate responsibilities concerning coordination and management, initiating IVs and medication, blood transfusions, and central line care, while an LPN has limited freedom to perform those duties. The RN exam ranges between 75 and 265 questions, while the LPN exam ranges between 85 and 205.

The test-taker must answer the questions as they appear on the screen, giving no room to skip ahead or return to a previously unanswered question. Test-takers (PDF) should read each question carefully before selecting the appropriate response. RN candidates are allowed 6 hours to take the exam, whereas PN candidates are limited to a maximum of 5 hours. The NCLEX consists of test questions covering cognitive recall, comprehension, application and analysis. The majority of the questions test each candidate's application and analysis capabilities. In fact, the NCLEX exam incorporates the five fundamental stages of the nursing process, including assessing, analyzing, planning, implementing, and evaluating patient situations.

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing determines the percentage of categorical questions and largely depends on the results of a graduate survey conducted by the council every three years. The categorical percentages change in accordance with 130 activity statements. The NCSBN's test format (computerized adaptive testing) generates questions based on the test-takers previous answers to pose less of a challenge for struggling test-takers. The computer analyzes the candidate's knowledge of the subject to determine the next question. In fact, a passing grade is determined by the amount of difficult questions the candidate answered correctly. Moreover, The computer will stop asking questions when the test-taker answers a certain amount of difficult questions correctly. The candidate must remain above the passing standard on the last 60 questions answered. Test-takers can schedule the NCSBN exam at the time most convenient for them. Candidates usually receives test results within 7 days.

Preparing for the NCSBN-PN and NCSBN-RN Exams

The NCLEX is a manageable exam for candidates who thoroughly prepare for test day. Candidates should study until fully comprehending each topic, instead of memorizing and regurgitating questions and patterns. Since the computer engine presents the candidate with a series of questions based on the level of performance, candidates should carefully read and answer each question. Try to practice patient-based clinical situations and condense the information into a question format. Timing...

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